Samsung QN95C Neo QLED 4K First Look Review: More of the same, but that’s not a bad thing

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Our normal TV review process is relatively simple. The brand sends a TV, I use it for a few weeks, I write my review, and the TV gets returned. That’s how we usually deal with these reviews, which works well. But sometimes, there aren’t enough TVs to get sent out to all the reviewers that want them. That’s the case with the Samsung QN95C, so we traveled to Samsung and spent a day with the latest flagship 4K Neo QLED TV.

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

Unlike my full reviews, this Samsung QN95C review is considered a first-look review as we only had a day to spend with it. But, I didn’t find this a huge deal as the QN95C is a familiar device that brings more of the same as last year’s models. That’s not bad, though, because all of what was good was tweaked to improve.

I highly recommend the Samsung QN95C if you’re looking for a Neo QLED TV; it is fantastic. If you’re considering last year’s QN90B, you can’t go wrong, and it would save you some money. The QN95C tweaks and improves everything about the QN90B, which is well worth it. Read on for the first look review.


The 65″ Samsung QN95C Neo QLED 4K has the following features and specifications:

  • Video
    • Screen Size: 65″
    • Resolution:  3840×2160
    • Refresh Rate: 144hz
    • Color: 100% Color Volume with One Billion Colors
    • HDR: Neo Quantum HDR+ with auto HDR Remastering
  • Picture Engine: Neo Quantum Processor 4K
    • Quantum Dot Color: Yes
    • Upscaling: AI
  • Audio
    • Dolby: Atmos
    • Sound Output (RMS): 70w
    • Speaker Type: 4.2.2
    • Multiroom Link: Yes
    • Samsung Q-Symphony Sound: Yes
    • Bluetooth Headset Support: Yes
  • Wireless Connectivity
    • WiFi: WiFi5
    • WiFi Direct: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes (BT5.2)
  • Features
    • Smart Hub: Yes
    • IoT Hub: Yes
  • Processor: Neo Quantum Processor 4K
    • Apps Platform: Yes
    • Voice Interaction: Yes
    • Auto Channel Search: Yes
    • Auto Motion Plus: Yes
    • Dimming Technology: Ultimate UHD Dimming Pro
    • V-Chip: Yes
    • Electronic Program Guide (Channel Guide): Yes
    • Game Mode: Yes
    • Ambient Mode: Yes
    • Auto Power Off: Yes
    • Closed Captioning: Yes
    • Anynet+ HDMI-CEC: Yes
    • Eco Sensor: Yes
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • HDMI Quick Switch: Yes
    • Mobile to TV – Mirroring, DLNA: Yes
    • TV to Mobile (Mirroring): Yes
    • eARC: Yes
    • HDMI (4)
    • USB 2.0 (2)
    • Optical Out (1)
    • Ethernet
    • RF In
    • Ex-Link RS232
    • HDMI A / Return Ch. Support
  • Dimensions
    • Product Size (W x H x D) Without Stand in inches: 56.9 x 32.6 x 0.8
    • Product Size (W x H x D) With Stand in inches: 56.9 x 35.1 x 10.7
    • Stand Size (W x H xD) in inches: 15.4 x 11.8 x 10.7
    • Shipping Size: 63.9 x 36.8 x 7.3
    • Weight without stand: 53.4 lbs
    • Weight with stand: 60.6 lbs
    • Shipping weight in the box: 78 lbs
  • Power
    • Power Supply: AC110-120V 50/60Hz
  • Samsung remote: Solarcell Remote Model# TM2360E
  • Model Number: QN65QN95CAF / QN65QN95CAFXZA


Samsung QN95C Neo QLED 4K
Still very thin

More of the same; that’s the basic theme of this review. The designs of Samsung’s TVs are generally not changed drastically year over year. There are some minor cosmetic changes, maybe bezel changes and weight changes, but the Samsung QN95C isn’t that much different looking from its QN90B predecessor.

The dimensions of the display are nearly identical to the QN90B except for the depth; the QN95C is slightly thinner. Like the QN90B, the Samsung QN95C is about the same thickness as its Solarcell Remote, which says something. The bezels remain razor-thin and are about the same size as last year’s QN90B. Like nearly all of Samsung’s flagship TVs, it looks like the picture is simply floating when turned on.

While the thinning of TVs is welcome, it does make things a bit more fragile, and I recommend a minimum of two people to install and move this guy around. This is especially true of the 75″ and up models. You can choose seven sizes from 43″ to a whopping 98″ version. I recommend planning your installation and placement before even touching the TV. Preparing and getting your tools, space, and mounting method beforehand will save headaches and possibly break your new expense toy.

The stand that comes with the Samsung QN95C is slightly different than last year but not much, and it is simple to install. It is robust and made to hold the beefy 65″ and larger TVs; no need to worry about this stand failing; it is solid.

The build quality is solid as it was last year. The materials feel premium, and the plastics feel nice. So yes, almost everything is made of plastic and glass, but it’s all very well made. The stand is steel, but the stand arm is heavy plastic; they work well together.

Samsung continues improving its remotes, and I think they’re ahead of the market with the latest Solarcell remote. Last year the Solarcell remote was one of the highlights, and the company made some big changes to it in a small way. Of course, it still charges via sunlight or even interior room lights; remember to turn it over when you lay it down. But it’s also smaller and more compact than in previous years; it is simple and easy to use.

There is still a USB-C port on the bottom that can charge the remote if you have no light anywhere for some strange reason. The Solarcell remote is still the best TV remote on the market; simple and to the point.

The TV’s rear is pretty plain, the back plastic is textured, and the power port and all of your I\O are on the back. As with last year’s model, some channels run along the back where you can tuck your cables in. This helps manage your cables a bit, but it depends on the cable size. Samsung did think of this and did vary the size of the channels to accommodate a few different widths.

I wish Samsung had included the OneConnect box with this model, but they didn’t. Not a horrible thing, but I love the OneConnect box and a TV at this price point; it would have been nice to see it included.

Overall, the design remains mostly the same as last year’s QN90B. That is not a bad thing at all; the same high-quality materials and construction are here. The same fantastic TV stand is ready to hold that beautiful screen up and keep it up safely. The same thin bezels showcase the impressive display, making it look floating. It’s more of the same, only better.


Samsung QN95C Neo QLED 4K
Neo QLED 4K display

The Samsung QN95C 4K display is being released when there is a ton of new 4K content to enjoy. As each year passes, we get closer to 4K becoming the standard everywhere, so if you’ve been waiting to buy a 4K TV, now is a great time. Streaming services and even YouTube are almost all delivering 4K content today, and the Samsung QN95C display is perfect for it.

Like its predecessors, the 65″ 4K Samsung QN95C uses AI upscaling to render lower-resolution content into 4K. Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor has an AI algorithm that pulls data from hundreds of thousands of pieces of data it learns from and can reconstruct lower-resolution images into 4K.

Everything on last year’s QN90B is here on the QN95C; even the user interface is the same; more on that later. Ambient Mode is back, which started on The Frame and has made its way to Samsung’s higher-end TVs. Ambient Mode allows you to choose wallpapers, live wallpapers, weather, and news to display on your screen while not watching.

Multi-View is also on the 65″ 4K Samsung QN90B Neo-QLED TV, which is a feature Samsung hopes will be helpful to gamers. Gamers can now pull up YouTube tutorials on their phones and have them playing on screen as they play those same games. This can help gamers get through challenging levels without looking down at their other device or pausing anything.

Multi-View could also be used for fact-checking while watching news programs or political debates. Having your phone screen on the same display where everyone can see it and verify facts is a pretty good idea.

The Neo QLED (or Mini LED) backlighting has improved, allowing for better blacks and grey areas. With Mini LED, more LEDs are lighting the panel, giving Samsung a more granular method of turning the lighting off in certain parts of the picture.

Samsung QN95C Neo QLED 4K
These photos do no justice the display

Along with Mini-LED backlighting, this TV is packed with the usual suspects such as HDR 10+, Q-Symphony Sound, 144Hz refresh rate, Quantum Dots, Anti-Reflection, great viewing angles, and Game Mode for gamers. Q-Symphony Sound is Samsung’s TV and soundbar tech. This new tech allows you to use a compatible Samsung soundbar with your TV speakers. That’s not usually possible with most TVs and soundbars; the sound is off-balance when you try, and the Q-Symphony sound is AMAZING!

The colors on the Samsung QN95C are also vibrant out of the box. You can pull these back in the settings, but I like how Samsung has calibrated the display here. The color calibration lends itself well to HDR10+ content. The brightness is off the scales as well, Samsung does a great job of giving you excellent brightness, and that’s the same case here.

You can also use the ambient light setting, which adjusts the brightness according to the lighting in the room. Before last year, I was not too fond of this feature. But Samsung has been improving ambient light, and I find myself using it more than ever.

Viewing angles are spot on; this unit did not show signs of light bleeding or blooming. Samsung TVs in this range have been fantastic, which hasn’t changed since 2022. I did not get a chance to game on this TV, but if the QN90B was an indicator, this display is a gamer’s fantasy.

One area QLED TVs have had a problem keeping up with OLED TVs is in blooming. While Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs have been fantastic over the past few years, they continue to make them even better. Blooming may as well be a thing of the past with this new Neo QLED tech as the Samsung QN95C showed no signs of it. While I am still a fan of the Samsung S95C, the QN95C is certainly right up there in terms of display quality.

Overall, the Samsung QN95C delivers the same vibrant colors, deep blacks, detailed greys, and bright whites as expected. This solid Neo QLED panel may be the best on the market.


The 65″ 4K Samsung QN95C Neo-QLED TV has the Neo Quantum Processor 4K with some performance tweaks. As we explained earlier, this processor includes Samsung’s AI engine, which uses onboard artificial intelligence to upscale lower-resolution content to 4K.

Gaming performance is also enhanced with Samsung’s improved version of Game Mode. When your Xbox or PlayStation is plugged into the TV and turned on, Game Mode will automatically be applied. Game Mode changes the colors and refresh rate, giving you a better gaming experience.

Game Mode Plus delivers a 9.4ms input lag which is freaking amazing for a TV. This means gamers can enjoy a more responsive experience within their favorite games. Game Mode Plus also adds some surround sound improvements, making the sound more immersive and exciting for gamers. It also supports Freesync.

As for the software, the same Samsung UI is here and is still one of the better and easier interfaces to use. I like it, not everyone will, but I like it. Samsung’s TV channel lineup is also pretty impressive. The channel list and content offerings seem to be getting better every year. There are a lot of free shows to watch on Samsung TV Plus; sure, there are commercials, but it’s free to use.

Overall, there is not much change here; the same excellent interface and software experience is back, and Samsung’s processors are second to none.

Sound Quality

Samsung QN95C Neo QLED 4K

Samsung’s EXCELLENT sound experience is back as well. The Samsung QN95C comes with Dolby Atmos, Q-Symphony Sound, and Object Tracking Sound+. Object Tracking Sound makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action with a directional, realistic sound that projects from the TV speakers.

Object Tracking Sound+ is fantastic, and if you get a compatible Samsung soundbar, experiencing Q-Symphony sound will be a treat. The speakers on Samsung’s flagship TVs are second to none. Even if you do not get a soundbar, the sound produced by the QN95C is excellent.

Sure, TV speakers have limits, and adding a soundbar or home theater speakers will benefit you, but Samsung’s improvements to its TV speakers are outstanding. If you need to save money for better sound, you should be happy with what these speakers can do.

Overall, Samsung is doing fantastic things with its TV speakers and tuning their sound. Most users will be delighted by the sound of the Samsung QN95C.

Wrap Up

The Samsung QN95C Neo QLED 4K TV brings the same great Samsung goodness. You don’t need to upgrade if you’re already using something like last year’s QN90B. There are some picture and sound improvements over the QN90B but not enough to justify an upgrade. If your TV is three or more years old and you’re in the market for a new Neo QLED TV, the QN95C is an excellent buy.

The QN95C is available in three different sizes and prices are not yet posted on Samsung’s website but be sure to check out the link below.

QN95C (85”, 75”, 65”)

  • 85” MSRP $5799.99
  • 75” MSRP $4199.99
  • 65” MSRP $3299.99

Last Updated on April 17, 2023.


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