Supply chain rumor claims foldable iPad may be coming

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With Samsung announcing its Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 today, foldables are on top of everyone’s mind. There are plenty of foldable naysayers out there who are standing firm on their opinion that foldables are not the future of smartphones and tablets. I, on the other hand, have a different opinion and if the rumors of a foldable iPad are true, then foldables will certainly take off.

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Love them or hate them, when Apple releases a new product, even one that’s based on already existing tech, the rest of the market falls inline. If a foldable iPad is coming, then you can expect a foldable iPhone as well. While the arguments against foldables are valid, the industry isn’t stupid, they are working on fixes for most of what people are concerned with.

Samsung has done a ton with its Z Fold series, the first generation was nearly a joke of a product, but fast-forward to its fifth generation and the company has refined both devices to a point that they are very much a viable daily driver.

According to MacRumors. “Apple, who is rumored to have been working on foldable smartphones for several years, reportedly is considering extending the effort to the tablet sector,” the preview says, citing sources from the upstream supply chain.

MacRumors goes on to say. “The report corroborates existing rumors about a foldable iPad. In January, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that a foldable iPad would launch in 2024, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young said they had not heard anything about such a device at the time. Kuo said the foldable iPad would feature an all-new design and a lightweight and durable carbon fiber kickstand.”

A foldable iPhone is just around the corner, my prediction is 2025 (2026 at the latest) but it could be sooner because Samsung is getting too far ahead. The foldable iPad, that would be something to see and we are unlikely to see that before the iPhone, but I believe it is coming.

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