Apple Vision Pro design “complexities” force Apple to scale back production

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The Apple Vision Pro “spatial computer” was announced earlier this month at Apple’s WWDC 2023. As with every Apple announcement, the Apple Vision Pro garnered a huge amount of press. To be fair, while AR/VR technology isn’t anything new, Apple’s approach is a little different and the fact that it’s being sold as an entire operating system makes it intriguing.

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But perhaps because of its lofty goals, Apple may have bitten off a bit more than it can chew. Of course, the company would never admit to that, nor would it admit to miscalculations or ever being wrong. According to Reuters, the new Apple Vision Pro has a design that may be too complex for the production goals Apple had initially set.

Reuters (via the Financial Times) says that Apple has been forced to make major cuts in its production forecasts, which FT is citing to “people with direct knowledge of the process.”

“The report said Chinese contract manufacturer Luxshare, Apple’s only assembler of the device, was preparing to make fewer than 400,000 units of Vision Pro in 2024. That is below Apple’s earlier internal sales target of 1 million units in the first 12 months, according to the FT.”

“Apple’s Vision Pro headset was already running up against challenges, given its high price point, and now it’s veered into another potential setback, said Susannah Streeter, head of money and markets, Hargreaves Lansdown.”

There is speculation that Apple may yet still be able to hit its forecasts, it’s more of a “they’ve been down before and made it back up” speculation. Only time will tell and at an MSRP of $3,499, this is the most expensive AR/VR headset yet.

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