Infographic: CI/CD pipeline and its relationship to mobile development

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The modern world is one which demands speed and efficiency. The unfortunate reality is, there are few things as prone to error and inefficiency as human beings. Naturally, then the value of AI and automated processes has only become more and more pronounced. For coders and developers, this effect is most pronounced, specifically mobile app devs and mobile development.

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For example, 60% of coders say code moves into production faster each year. For 35% this means double the speed, and for 15% it can mean even three to five times faster. These rates make it imperative that things are moving efficiently. The mobile development industry in particular struggles with uninstall rates and intense competition. Apps can no longer be released as buggy unfinished messes. 

The solution to all these issues for many mobile developers has been continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. Commonly abbreviated as CI/CD, this automated method allows code to move between developers and deployers seamlessly. A big issue seen within coding is multiple developers building different aspects of the product that will not later integrate. The CI/CD pipeline keeps code in the same place for developers and uploads it instantly for testing. 

CI/CD also moves things from development to production instantly, allowing customers to get changes without manual input. In practice, these methodologies can lead to a slew of benefits for developers. CI/CD utilization leads to fewer bugs, faster release of changes, and more time for developers.

Continuous integration, the process of keeping coders in the same space, is the most popular form of CI/CD. Yet, each comes with a slew of its advantages and uses, depending on the industry. Overall, the future of development is undeniably within the realm of CI/CD.

Coding and development is moving towards secondary platforms, specializing in things like CI/CD every day. Simply put, the money, time, and dissatisfaction reduction is too appealing a prospect to ignore. Mobile development needs to code fast, bug-fix instantly, and release before they lose business. There are few better ways to do this than CI/CD integration.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline

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