Samsung Wallet adds support for university student IDs

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Samsung has launched student IDs on Samsung Wallet at 68 colleges, universities, and higher education institutions across the nation including Penn State, the University of Florida, Central Michigan University, University of North Alabama, and the Stevens Institute of Technology. The update will add a way to use student IDs on a Galaxy smartphone.

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“We’re always looking to innovate and improve the Galaxy experience for every kind of user,” said Jude Buckley, executive vice president of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics America. “Technology plays a big part in today’s college experience, and with student ID for Samsung Wallet, we created a way for students to use the technology they already have on hand to simplify their busy lives.”

To provide Student ID support in Samsung Wallet on Galaxy devices, Samsung is partnering with Transact Campus, a leader in innovative payment and Mobile Credential solutions for a connected campus, servicing more than 1,800 higher education institutions.

After adding their school ID to Samsung Wallet, students will be able to use their device to unlock doors at places like dorm rooms and academic buildings. At select participating higher education institutions, students can also use their devices around campus for NFC-based payments at on-campus stores, vending machines, and more.

Samsung Wallet was launched last year and is the company’s answer to Apple’s Wallet version, only for Galaxy device users. Find out more about it on the company’s website.

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