8 emerging home tech trends in 2023

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Technology is now part of everyday life and products are increasingly designed with your home in mind. Smart products can make your home more efficient and your life easier.

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Here are eight of the top home tech trends in 2023.

Single-cord entertainment

Most homeowners want their tech seamlessly integrated into their interior. No one likes when bulky cords get tangled and create an eyesore.

Television manufacturers are working to eliminate the need for such entanglements by producing products that only need their power cord to operate. LG recently unveiled the OLED M model, which works solely on a power cord and wireless AV box. You can place the television anywhere there is an outlet, with the power of transmitting a 4K signal to watch all your favorite shows.

One cable is much easier to hide, letting you play around with whatever setup you want. With a sleek bezel and fantastic picture quality, there’s much to love about this TV.

Smart locks

Between 2017 and 2021, there were more than 2 million home burglaries in the U.S. We all want our homes to stay safe — getting smart locks could be a major part of the solution.

Locks controllable from your smartphone rose in popularity several years ago, but Lockly is changing the game again. With smart security devices, there has always been an underlying concern about criminal hacking into them. That’s where the Flex Touch Pro comes in.

The smart deadbolt uses biometric technology to let you in and keep others out. Instead of a key or passcode, it uses your fingerprint to allow access to your home. The device does come with flexibility. You can authorize the deadbolt to work with smart assistants or a cell phone if you desire. Smart locks are definitely one of the tech trends of 2023 as more households adopt them.

Lockly Vision Elite-min tech trends
The Lockly Vision Elite smart lock.

Smart hose systems

If you have a lawn or garden, you likely go back and forth on whether it’s worth remembering to water it daily or invest in an expensive sprinkler system. 

With the Rachio Smart Hose Timer, you don’t have to sacrifice your time, money or sanity while creating an exterior you love. Connect your hose to a manual sprinkler and make it smart by adding the timer.

Use your smartphone to set it to different intervals or prevent it from turning on and overwatering after a storm. When life gets hectic, you can water your plants through your device remotely or at home, without dealing with or paying for a complicated sprinkler system.

Better windows

Your windows can make or break your home’s comfort and safety. However, wood windows are high maintenance and vinyl can easily break. A new material on the market aims to end those struggles.

A company called Renewal By Anderson released its own kind of window technology — Fibrex. The material is long-lasting, more durable than vinyl and requires less care than wood. The design is also made to fit with the look of the home.

AI ovens

Artificial intelligence plays a role in many modern devices, including those in the kitchen. Baking is about to get much easier thanks to AI tools.

Ovens like the Samsung Bespoke AI let struggling bakers produce masterpieces. This model helps you avoid overcooking your food and suggests 80 common dishes. It also prepares your meals faster with steam technology, allowing you to cook two dishes at different temperatures in the same oven. If you need to multitask, just take your smartphone for real-time updates on your culinary masterpiece.

Smart mowers

You can have a lawn you love without the hassle of manual maintenance when you use a smart mower. The Worx Landroid L can mow up to half an acre independently and you can control it via your smartphone. Connect to it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can go through narrow passages and over rough terrain.

Aside from its ease of use, the lawn mower’s battery is compatible with other Worx equipment for maximum efficiency.

Adaptive lighting

Lights are necessary, but it’s easy to choose a color bulb you don’t like and leave them on for longer than you mean. General Electric’s Cync lighting system continues to expand with innovative smart lights.

You can control your bulbs and light strips with a smartphone or use sensors to detect when someone is using a room. This technology can help you save energy and lets you adjust the color of your lights to suit your mood.

In 2023, the company will release under-cabinet panels and wafer downlights that dress up the smart lighting experience.

Indoor greenhouses

Whether for sustainability or to save money, many homeowners are looking for ways to grow their own food. LG is changing the game by providing a “refrigerator” that acts in place of a greenhouse. The Tiiun has automated lighting, watering and climate control options to grow small plants and start seeds.

While it was put on the market in 2022, the Tiiun is trending after an appearance at CES in January. You can control the device through a smartphone app and order seed pods to make growing easier than ever. Currently sold in Korea, the company plans to introduce it to the United States later this year, putting these on the list of tech trends for 2023.

Implementing smart home technology

Smart home devices can make your life easier by assisting in everyday tasks. With these devices, you’ll create a cleaner, safer, more efficient and more entertaining household.

What do you think about these 8 tech trends of 2023? What smart home tech do you have in your house? Will you be looking into any of the above this year? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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