Infographic: The rise of smart devices and smart homes


As more individuals demand smart technology in their homes, smart devices and smart homes significantly impact the housing market. Both home buyers and sellers can use this new technology trend to increase their chances of success in the housing market.

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Future homes will be built with the help of smart technologies. 7 in 10 American households already have a smart device, and 18 percent have two or more. As evidence of the quick uptake of smart home technology, 349 million of these devices were shipped in 2021.

By 2025, this number is anticipated to reach 1.77 billion. Nearly 13 percent of homes have data-connected equipment, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, kettles, and vacuum cleaners, which use the connections to improve functioning. Similar to smart lighting, which is found in 15 percent of smart homes, wi-fi integration and applications are used to improve functionality. 

Smart bulbs and lamp fixtures are among these items. Data connections are used by smart home thermostats and smart water meters to send and receive temperature readings. In 21 percent of smart homes, these devices are present. Devices like locks, cameras, and motion detectors are all connected to the internet and have remote monitoring capabilities as part of smart security systems. 

These security features are an investment for one-third of smart homeowners. In 45 percent of homes, devices for entertainment incorporate Bluetooth, wi-fi, and hands-free screen controls. These include connected media players, smart speakers, televisions, and voice-activated displays. Naturally, certain items are adopted at a higher rate than others. More than half of smart device adoption is for audio-video devices, 26 percent is for wireless speakers, and 25 percent is for smart speakers. 

By 2026, the market for smart homes will be worth $205.61 billion, signaling considerable changes and industrial expansion. Are you prepared for the future of smart homes? Where do you think this type of technology can be improved? Check out the infographic below to see how this new technology could be our future.

smart homes infographic

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