Toast Covers review: These wood and leather covers for your devices are sure to please


Gosh, I cannot remember when Toast started in this business. I do remember that we did our first reviews of the company’s products only a year into establishing Techaeris, around 2014. We did a number of Toast reviews including, Chromebook, Surface Pro, MacBook, LG, and even the Xbox One. You can find some of these reviews here.

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But it’s been a few years since we’ve taken a look at the company’s products. So when the company reached out to me and asked if we wanted to revisit its products, I said sure. But I wanted to try something different alongside something familiar. So we asked Toast to send over a custom engraved leather back and wood sides for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and their traditional wood cover for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. One is something new, and the other is like a warm blanket in winter. Let’s get right into the full review of Toast covers.

The Quick Take

Toast Covers review: These wood and leather covers for your devices are sure to please

The Quick Take on Toast covers is simple. You either love the look and feel of real wood and leather, or you don’t. If you love it, these covers are for you. If you’re not a fan of it, these covers are not for you. The only thing that I can see being an issue for those who do love this aesthetic, is the installation. Having done these a few times, it was not hard for me. But if it is your first time, take your time and follow all instructions to the letter. Be patient and you will be rewarded.


  • Precision cut
  • Made with real wood and leather
  • It can be engraved for an extra fee
  • A variety of styles and colors available

What’s In The Box

  • Cleaning pad
  • Toast cover pieces
  • MagSafe magnet for iPhone(optional and extra fee)
  • Instructions


Toast Covers review: These wood and leather covers for your devices are sure to please
The packaging

Toast covers are all designed to fit your device with precision. Our covers were made for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The company has a decent range of devices it can make these for, so be sure to visit their site to find out if your device is listed. They make these covers not only for smartphones but for laptops, tablets, and gaming systems.

The leather and wood used is all premium and feels very nice in the hand. The wood is basically a veneer that has a 3M sticky back. The wood veneer is a good gauge and not super flimsy. I once tried making my own wood case with veneer scraps and the gauge really does matter, I failed. The leather is also a good thickness and I had Toast include the MagSafe magnet at an extra cost.

The MagSafe magnet used here is not the strongest I’ve ever used. I do wish the strength was a bit better, but it’s also not horrible. The wood button covers, however, are very nicely cut and provide excellent tactile feedback.

The cut of the leather and wood were spot on, there was one spot on the iPhone 14 Pro Max that was slightly not aligned but a bit of working the fit and it was good. The S23 Ultra fit was perfect all around. So, overall, this is the same familiar Toast design I am used to and the company does an exceptional job of precision cutting these. The materials are all high-quality and the 3M sticky backs are, well, sticky.

Toast Covers review: These wood and leather covers for your devices are sure to please
S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max before


Installing Toast covers can be intimidating. I remember my first time installing them and it was nerve racking. I will admit that there is very little margin for error because if you misalign something, it could ruin the cover. Keep a hair dryer handy, if you really mess up, you can lightly heat the cover up and it should pull away. Do this gently and with care.

But, if you clean, test fit, align everything, and follow the instructions to the letter. You shouldn’t have any issues at all installing these covers. The video below is for the iPhone 13 but it is a good example of how to install the wood Toast cover.

The leather install is similar, except on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, I have the leather back and wood sides. Otherwise, installation is just about the same. Overall, you should have no issues with installation, if you are patient and follow instructions.


Toast covers are probably not the most rugged things on the market. I would say they provide enough protection for basic 3 to 4 foot drops and spills. But getting up into the 6 to 8 foot drops, you might experience a ding or two. But this is expected, the company is not claiming to be Otterbox here. I am not one to drop my device but if I do, it is usually from the 3 to 4 foot range and I think these covers offer more than enough protection for those heights.

One thing of note, Toast covers protect the sides and back, but the glass front is not protected. So get yourself a good screen protector because you do not have a raised lip on these covers.

Galaxy S23 Ultra with wood cover Toast review
Galaxy S23 Ultra with wood cover


Prices vary by model and how you set up your Toast cover. These can get pricey but you also need to keep in mind that these are cut to order and adding engraving is another expense. I love that the company adds a personal touch with a personalized signature from the person who made your cover, thanks Robbie! The value is here for those who enjoy this boutique type product. For the indifferent, probably not so much. But I think the price is justified by the design, care, and quality put into these covers.

Wrap Up

These covers aren’t for everyone, but chances are, if you’re reading this review, you are one of the folks that are interested. For you, these covers are very cool. They’re well-made with premium materials and they feel more like a small business than a big company. Toast covers are everything I remember from using them in the past. Great stuff!

iPhone 14 Pro Max with leather back and wood bumpers Toast Review
iPhone 14 Pro Max with leather back and wood bumpers


Prices Vary









Nailed it

  • Real leather and wood is just nice to hold
  • Leather and wood looks nice
  • Comfortable in the hand and not as bulky as a case
  • Easy to install but follow directions carefully

Needs work

  • Can get pricey
  • Wood and leather adhesive covers aren't for everyone

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