IFA 2023: Withings announces its ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light

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The Withings ScanWatch has become one of the most loved “smartwatches” on the market. Its decision to use a hybrid model over a full on touch screen interface and apps model made it different. Top that with a more health-focused user experience, and the ScanWatch has been a favorite for many smartwatch users.

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Now, the company has announced the ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light. While the original watch has gotten FDA clearance for atrial fibrillation detection and using ECG for oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin, this next generation adds a few more tricks.

ScanWatch 2 goes further with a host of additional sensors and software that are optimized to facilitate continuous health monitoring and precise assessment of new health metrics. Its additional capabilities include variation of the baseline body temperature, female cycle tracking, heart rate variability, and the automatic recognition of 40+ activities.

ScanWatch 2 is designed to enable health tracking to take place day and night and over sustained periods of time. Thanks to a market-leading 30-day battery life, and the ability to continuously track more advanced health metrics than ever before, Withings ScanWatch 2 becomes a real guardian of health. It provides greater insights to help people take proactive control of it through a beautifully designed, analog, stylish, lightweight watch that can easily grace any outfit.

IFA 2023: Withings announces its ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light
ScanWatch 2

ScanWatch 2 becomes the new flagship for Withings hybrid watches and benefits from a significant upgrade in sensor hardware and HealthSenseTM – Withings’ proprietary operating system.

“It becomes its most precise tracking device to date thanks to state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms which provide more accuracy to track body temperature from a wearable than current solutions on the market, a MultiWave PPG Sensor that adds new capabilities and accuracy thanks to the use of 4 wavelengths and 16 PPG channels, and a High Dynamic Range Accelerometer that adds additional directional sensors allowing more precise identification and automatic tracking of activities and workouts as well as more sports to be automatically detected.”

Withings takes a new approach to body temperature tracking thanks to the TempTech24/7 module. It combines a breakthrough miniaturized heat flux sensor (measuring energy transit) with a high-accuracy temperature sensor (measuring ambient & skin temperature) alongside heart rate and accelerometer input calibrations to deliver a best-in-class body temperature variation assessment. The company has also added the ability for women to add menstrual cycles to ScanWatch.

IFA 2023: Withings announces its ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light
ScanWatch Light

The ScanWatch new lineup also includes ScanWatch Light, the most affordable model in the range, providing users who are at the beginning of their health journey with better and more advanced health tracking for non-stop daily care. Like ScanWatch 2, it provides a comprehensive overview of heart health, activity and cycle tracking, and sleep monitoring. Sharing the same HealthSense technology, it is optimized for around-the-clock monitoring for up to 30 days.

ScanWatch 2 (38 & 42 mm) is available now for pre-orders on Withings.com priced at $349.95 with a Silver Black (42mm), silver white (38mm), silver black (38mm) and Rose Gold sand face (38mm) and later on with a Silver white face (42mm) and Rose Gold blue face (38mm). ScanWatch Light sized 37mm is available on pre-orders on Withings.com priced at $249.95 with a silver black, silver white and rose gold sand face and later on with a light blue and light green face. Both models will be widely available from selected retailers from October 2023. Each model features an OLED grayscale display and are available with optional colored wristbands.

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