IFA 2023: JBL announces its new Authentics series of speakers


JBL hit the ground running at IFA 2023 with a new series of speakers. Something different from the usual JBL fare and something worth looking at. The new JBL Authentics series of speakers is a departure, in my view, from what JBL has been making over the past several years.

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Not in terms of sound or sound quality, but instead in terms of aesthetic. The Authentics series looks to be something very different from what I am used to seeing out of JBL, and that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes change is what is required to freshen up a brand, and that is precisely what I think JBL is doing here.

The new series of speakers sport a retro design, which JBL says was inspired by its heritage. If you don’t know anything more about JBL than its consumer headphones and small speakers, then you don’t know that they do far more than that.

Before we dive into more wordy information about the Authentics series, here are the key features of all three speakers in this line.

FEATURESJBL Authentics 500JBL Authentics 300JBL Authentics 200
Dolby Atmos Yes NoNo
Simultaneous voice assistants Yes Yes Yes 
JBL One App Yes Yes Yes 
Multi-room playbackYes Yes Yes 
Automatic self-tuningYes Yes Yes 
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Ethernet connectionYes Yes Yes 
BatteryNoYes – consumer replaceableNo
Quadrex grille and retro designYes Yes Yes 
Availability September 17th  September 17th  September 17th
Pricing $699.99$429.99$329.99

IFA 2023: JBL announces its new Authentics series of speakers
  • Be at the center of your favorite song as the JBL Authentics 300 invites you to experience music like never before. For those looking for superior sound in and around the house, the JBL Authentics 300 offers portable high-performance sound with a built-in 8-hour battery. Delivering distinctive highs and deep bass, enjoy spectacular audio performance wherever you are – from the kitchen to the garden or the next outdoor party.
  • For those looking to experience music like it’s live from the very front row, without needing to leave the house, JBL Authentics 500 delivers exceptional sound featuring Dolby Atmos. Three 1” tweeters and three 2.75” midrange woofers provide crystal clear sound, while a 6.5” down firing subwoofer delivers tight, accurate bass. Enjoy 270 Watts of 3.1 channel sound with virtual Dolby Atmos for immersive high-definition 3D sound.
  • Fill any space – big or small – with the stereo sound of the JBL Authentics 200. A pair of 1” tweeters bring each song to life, while the full-range 5” woofer and down firing 6” passive radiator create deep bass to give you the perfect balance, no matter the genre.
  • Beautiful design inspired by the famed JBL heritage. Taking inspiration from the legendary JBL L100 speaker from the 70s, the JBL Authentics range draws on JBL’s rich history with a modern twist. With a premium aluminum frame, custom synthetic leather-wrapped enclosure and a reimagined Quadrex grille, the JBL Authentics range is designed to make a statement.

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